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ADM Program

Kankakee Jr Coyotes 2016-17 ADM Program

Kankakee Jr. Coyotes


2016-2017 ADM Program

     This instructional hockey program will consist of 20-25 one hour practice slots throughout the year focusing on skill development and making the game of hockey FUN!  We will also try and do one cross ice event each month by either traveling to nearby organizations or having teams in at our facility so that the kids get to play against different teams. 

     The ADM is meant to accommodate and introduce new players to the game of hockey.  Three stages of the ADM are as follows: 

1.      FUNdamental stage, where players learn the interrelationship between movement skills and sport skills.  The skills learned in this stage will benefit them when they engage in any activity regardless of their level or participation.  The basic skill development will be well structured, well monitored, and always positive! 

2.      Physical stage, where the focus is on mastering fundamental skills with an emphasis on the overall development of the players physical capacities to play the game of hockey while making it fun!

3.      Intellectual stage, where players are put in situations where they will be learning the game of hockey.  Small area games are a huge part of this stage and teach the players recognition skills which they will later use when they start playing full ice games!  This stage not only promotes recognition but also forces the kids to be creative, and creativity develops skill at a much faster pace.


Program Fees including Jamborees: $500