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Irish Jr. Varsity Skunked By Leyden Eagles 3-0

01/27/2013, 6:10pm CST

Leyden Eagles excels at shooting to win and prevent opponents from scoring on the road

January 27, 2013, 6:10 PM

In a shutout, Leyden Eagles got the better of Irish Jr. Varsity 3 - zip at Ice Valley Centre on Sunday. Leyden Eagles scored one goal to take the lead in the first period. Leyden Eagles added one unanswered goal in the second period and held on to its lead. Leyden Eagles never looked back. In the final period Leyden Eagles scored one goal piling on and winning the game.

In the first period, things got going when Leyden Eagles's Forward Player got the unassisted goal with 5:29 left on the clock. Leyden Eagles was ahead from then on. In the second period, piling on, Player did it again and lit the lamp yet again with 5:31 left on the clock. Forward Player got the assist on the goal, adding to their lead. In the third period, Leyden Eagles found more success on the ice with the empty net when Player did it again and got another goal with 0:02 left in the period, to get further ahead.

Displaying a golden glove, Irish Jr. Varsity's Tommy Schirmer blocked 24 out of 26 shots on goal and got the loss.

Leyden Eagles now has a record of 2-0. Irish Jr. Varsity ended the game with a record of 3-17.

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