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KYHC President Voting Information

Voting will be open until June 21st and no late votes will be accepted.

An email will be coming soon to the email address used during fall registration and to any new spring league families.  One vote ONLY per member(s) family (ex. one vote even for multiple children families or in cases of divorced families).  The email will contain the Survey Monkey link and inside the link there is a link to each candidates letter of interest.  Please take a few minutes to read each letter and familiarize yourself with each candidate.

We have two eligible candidates running for President

  • Keli Rice
  • Bryan Countryman

The board will be meeting on June 26th to verify the results and an announcement will be made after that.


KYHC Board

Open Level Representative positions for Kankakee Coyote Committee

Dear Coyote Families,

I am looking for Level Representatives to serve on the Coyote Committee for the upcoming Fall and Spring Seasons. Interested persons should be positive, upbeat individuals who have the best interest of the Coyotes at heart.

As members of the Coyote Committee, Level Representatives will be elected by members of the club to carry out a variety of responsibilities under the direction of the Coyote Chair.

Some of these responsibilities include: establishment of yearly calendar, player registration, community outreach, ordering & distribution of jerseys/socks, scheduling and organizing team pictures, player/coach gifts, Christmas party, and end of year banquet. This list is an example only & not an exhaustive or exclusive list of duties.

Nominees must specify which level they want to represent & are not able to represent at multiple levels...if you have multiple children at different levels - you must choose which level you want to represent.

Level representative terms will last either 1 or 2yrs, depending on how many years your child will play at that level. For example, if you have a 1st year squirt – your term will last 2yrs; if your child is a 2nd year player, your term will be only one year. Terms will end at the conclusion of spring league play.

Coyote Committee members must be in good standing with the club, routinely be up to date on fees, and not have had any disciplinary actions taken against them. As representatives of the club, Coyote Committee members should be examples of good sportsmanship during all games and practices.

Committee members will be required to attend regularly scheduled meetings and failure to do so could be cause for removal from committee.

If you are interested in being part of the Coyote Committee, email your nomination with the subject line “Kankakee Coyotes” to Nominations must be received on or before Friday, June 9th.

Voting will take place between June 14-21st in conjunction with the election of the KYHC Board President position left vacant by the resignation of Tina Jackson.

Please note, that even if you are not elected to the Coyote Committee – there will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer for the Coyotes in the upcoming year. Level reps will be forming subcommittees for many projects throughout the season and your helps is wanted & greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,

Amy Wendinger
Coyote Chair

KYHC Board Update

 At the Board Meeting on Monday evening, Tina Jackson who has been the President of KYHC and long standing member of the Board, resigned from her position. 


We would like to thank Tina for her many years of dedication to the KYHC.  She has held several positions including President, Hockey Director, Coyote Committee Chair and volunteered tirelessly for the club.  She has also been the driving force behind the fundraising opportunities at the Chicago Fire and NASCAR events.


At the Board Meeting, Stephanie Forkenbrock (current Registrar) was voted in as the interim President.


The Board will be meeting again on Monday, May 22 to determine how and when to expedite nominations and an election to fill the open seat for President.

We will notify the membership next week of the nomination and voting procedure that is decided.


KYHC Board

Spring League Announcement!

Spring League runs from April 1st-May 21st with the tournament running May 30th-June 11th.

The season will consist of 10 weekly practices, 8 games (4 home and 4 away), and the tournament. Team practices will start the week of March 27th and will be on Tuesdays or Thursday (this will be assigned soon).

There will be no practice and play included with Spring League.

The cost will be $300 and will include 2 practice style game jerseys (black and white) and socks.

Registration will be done online this year for spring league and the links will be up later this week to start signing up on the website. Registration MUST be completed by March 18th.

We are looking forward to a great Spring League!!

Team Practice Schedule

MITES: Tuesday-6:45 to 7:45
SQUIRTS: Tuesday 6:45-7:45

PEEWEE: Thursday-6:45-7:45
BANTAM: Thursday- 6:45-7:45

Practice and Play Schedule 2016-2017

Practice and Play Schedule



Mites/Squirts:                5:30 - 6:30

Mites/Squirts:                5:30 - 6:30

Peewees/Bantams:         6:30 - 7:30

Peewees/Bantams:         6:30 - 7:30

Chicago Fire Fundraising Opportunities

The KYHC has the unique opportunity to participate in a fundraiser through the Chicago Fire Soccer team to earn money towards paying players fees!  Volunteers work the merchandise booths at Toyota Park during Chicago Fire home games.  If you are interested in earning credits to your fall fees, or to apply to you unpaid 2016-17 fees, please contact Tina Jackson for details.  

Next Board Meeting

Monday, July 10th 7pm at Ice Valley


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